The Tardis Kiddie Ride







Pictures 1-4 were taken at Pleasure Wood Hills theme park in (I think) Suffolk. They date from around 1990, not too sure. Pictures 5 and 6 come from Matt Parish who actually owns one and is looking to restore his. Picture 7 comes from Kieran Seymour taken at Haven Holidays caravan park in Felixstowe 1995.

Picture 1: The Side view of the Tardis. Slightly obscured by my camera skills. Notice the craggy moulded landscape at the front, probably meant to be an alien planet. Also notice the lever inside (coming out of the yellow block on the floor) and the joint at the back underneath the Tardis, this is how the Tardis "took off". When you pulled the lever the Tardis would rise up and down on an arm and make a suitable wheezing, groaning sound. There was also lots of moulded dials and instruments on a panel inside.

Pictures 2 and 3: The front view of the Tardis, not terribly exciting but does show that the light flashed on top even when it wasn't in use.

Picture 4: The next picture is a bit large so its got a link of its own. This one has me in it and features a little bit of the interior. Also notice the chain to stop you falling out and the joint underneath (looks like the ride was actually going when the picture was taken).

Picture 6: Another, better view of the side opening, which would have shown the operating level if it wasn't in such a bad state. It's missing the light, chain and base section.

Picture 7: The side opening from the opposite direction with the coin slot in view. This Tardis also has a slight difference in the sign panel at the top, in black and white rather then blue and white.

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